SVM s.r.l.

Sede Legale e Operativa:
24030 Mapello (BG)
Via Giulio Natta n. 9

Tel.: +39.035.4932174
Fax: +39.035.4946564

P.IVA: IT02269910135
REA: MI-1829349
R.I. Mi n. 09943340159
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S.V.M. srl was born in 1925, founded by the entrepreneur Giuseppe Vigorelli, who is well-known to have given to Milan the velodrome that still today his keeping his name.
Through alternate vicissitudes, in 1973 the Company puts into effect a great change in its production orientating itself towards the construction of plants for the cold profiling This decision is the result of the income into the activity of a group of associates from the Brollo cold-rolled profiles, world-wide leader in that field, that gives new spirit to the company: very soon the activity is moved also to the foreign markets assuming international importance.
The great professional capabilities and experience of these persons, which are the present partners, and the high specialisation of its technical staff push the company to invest resources in the study of the typical problems in the field and to develop its own solutions.
Thanks to its ability to elaborate and propose innovative techniques, S.V.M. s.r.l .is now collecting consents anywhere for the high quality of its products.

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